Film Production

Pre-Production – Born in NY Raised in Paris

Public Enemy had a dream: To make hip hop a tool of expression for black men around the world who felt marginalized. Thirty years later, Chuck D and rappers across the French hip hop scene, from the 80’s to now, reflect on the impact of hip hop in its largest market outside America – France.  This documentary explores how this culture from the Bronx gave a voice to ethnic minorities in France, creating a new sub-culture defined by the French language and the social landscape of Paris’s inner cities. With an up-to-the-minute examination of race in France, the film questions the meaning behind the founding values of the French Republic (Unity, Indivisibility of the Republic, and Liberty, Equality & Brotherhood or Death), and ultimately confronts the disconnect felt by Blacks in France, which is seemingly at odds with what the country presumably stands for.

The documentary has been picked up by Starline for worldwide distribution. It was announced by Variety Magazine, C21 Media, and