Yann Gael


Yann Gael grew up in Brittany. He unexpectedly started the Cours Florent in 2007 and was soon admitted to the Classe Libre before finally attending the National Superior Conservatory of Dramatic Arts in Philippe Duclos’ class his first year.

His name reached the ears of the former Administrator of the Comedie Francaise, Marcel Bozonnet, who offered him the lead role in his play, CHOCOLAT CLOWN NEGRE, co-authored with Gerard Noiriel.

Yann was eager to contribute to independent projects and made it a point of honor to work with strong young filmmakers such as Itvan Kebadian (TWE, Grand Prize of the Cinebanlieu Festival, among others) and Yahann Kouam whose short subject, LE RETOUR received several international awards.

Next was his first television role in a France 2 made-for-TV film, playing a seasoned young policeman from Brittany who goes to Corsica to shake up the world of the local Commissioner Renucci, played by Gerard Darmon. Together they were the main duo of the first season of DUEL AU SOLEIL.

Season 2 of the series will soon air on France 2 as Yann wraps up filming IL SOGNO DI ROCCO in Italy.