Yasmina F. Edwards

Yasmina Edwards is the Founder of Edwards Global Management, NY (EGM NY), a talent management company that provides a safe platform for its clients by allowing them to freely create their art.

Subsequent to earning a Master’s degree in International Management in France and a certificate in Marketing and Advertising from NYU, Edwards worked alongside numerous executives of Fortune 500 companies. This experience inspired her to launch her own company, Global VPA, in 2007. Advanced in the usage of the then-new concept of Virtual Assistance, Edwards initiated business activity through strategic partnerships with American and foreign start-ups. Due to her online operational and marketing support, Yasmina provided her clients with unique insight into the trajectory of their brand development.

After nearly ten years of refining her proficiency in building international partnerships, Edwards has developed skills in coaching, talent management and production. Her most recent endeavor has been the launching of her new company EGM NY.

Fluent in English, French, Spanish, and Yoruba, Edwards is acutely aware of the unique value which intercultural communication brings to the table. By amassing a roster of international clients among whom are writers, musicians, film directors, and actors, EGM NY champions the growth of underground artists. Due to her focus on multimedia projects, Edwards provides her talents with a visionary platform to share their stories with the global community.

Yasmina travels between New York, Paris, and Lagos.