Yasmina F. Edwards, founder of EGM NY - Photo by e.sydneypaul 

Euzhan Palcy 

Multi-award-winning filmmaker

Yasmina is one of the hardest working people I've ever had the pleasure to work with. She never takes “no“ for an answer.

She is loyal, has a brilliant sensitivity and a keen, inquisitive spirit and mind.

Rokhaya Diallo,

Journalist & Filmmaker 

A New York le destin a place  sur mon chemin une femme Yasmina Edwards qui est devenue ma manager. Impregnee de la culture de son pays, elle m’a permis de prendre conscience de mes atouts sans cette fausse modestie valorisee a tord en France.

Book excerpt: "Ne Reste Pas A Ta Place"

Claude Grunitzky,

Founder TRUE Africa 

Yasmina F. Edwards is  a true leader in connecting people with ideas and movements . Her strength is authenticity in creating culture currency.

Bozoma Saint Jones 

CMO, Endeavor

Thank you for your steadfastness!!!

Sandrine DeLaage,

Creative Director

I have worked with Yasmina for many years...

I appreciated her faculties to orchestrate a variety of functions within full leadership, her skills to address the top management's requirements with complete understanding of the outcomes, as well as her deep sense of human relationships and values.

Laure Seguin,

Founder Laure Seguin Wellness 

Yasmina is always available, my company benefited a lot from her business insight.

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